NOTICE: Service Prioritization for Outpatient Services

DHS Behavioral Healthcare programs for adults and children have implemented prioritization processes to address challenges we are currently facing.  This may result in some clients waiting a longer period for services and others being encouraged to utilize alternative resources. 

The planning and processes that we are implementing will ensure that limited resources are managed following clear prioritization guidelines in a fair and equitable manner and that the most vulnerable individuals will be served as promptly as possible. 

The Community Services Board (CSB) is committed to serving as a safety net provider for Arlingtonians who have Mental Health and Substance Use issues and lack alternative resources to obtain care. However, the increased demand for services and the national shortage of behavioral health care providers has resulted in a need to operationalize an existing DHS policy to prioritize allocation of limited resources. This is a situation facing not only Arlington County CSB but our neighboring regional CSBs and all community behavioral health providers across the state. 

In addition to implementation of the service prioritization policy, the Department of Human Services is simultaneously instituting multiple strategies, in line with a recovery-oriented approach, to ensure that current resources are being utilized with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

Clients eligible for referral to services for whom a first outpatient appointment is not immediately available will be provided the following: 

  • Information on available alternative community resources and supports
  • Access to Peer Support Specialists for ongoing contact and support
  • 24/7 access to CSB Emergency Services. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to provide timely, quality clinical care, during this challenging time.