Hoarding Task Force

Arlington County set up the Hoarding Task Force in 2003 to facilitate agency collaboration on the most complex hoarding cases the County responds to each year. Staff works to protect the community from the dangers associated with hoarding, while still observing an individual’s right to privacy.

The Hoarding Task Force is made up of staff from the Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD), Code Enforcement, and the Department of Human Services (DHS). Employees from other departments, such as the police department, may also get involved in certain cases.

Concerned residents can contact one of three agencies who will bring in the resources needed.  ACFD takes the lead when there’s a fire hazard or medical emergency, Code Enforcement responds when there’s a suspected building code violation and the Department of Human Services gets involved if the resident needs assistance due to physical or mental health issues or financial limitations.

If you are concerned about a potential hoarding situation, make a confidential call to one of the following:

  • Fire Marshall’s Office through the Office of Emergency Management – 703-558-2222
  • Code Enforcement – 703-228-3232
  • Adult Protective Services through the Department of Human Services – 703-228-1700