Public Dance Hall Permit

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The public dance hall permit application applies to permanent public dance halls only. Arlington does not issue public dance hall permits for temporary or one-time events.

Submission Requirements

Note: In-person applications are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 health crisis and Permit Office closure.

  • You must first obtain a Use Permit before applying for a dance hall permit
  • You must complete a Public Dance Hall Permit Application
  • The premises and proposed operation of the dance hall is proposed to be located are in conformance with all ordinances and regulations of Arlington and laws and regulations of Virginia.
  • The operation of the dance hall in the proposed location is not detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the public.
  • To apply online:
    • Submit the application via email:
    • Include one permit application per email.
    • If applicable, include plans and supporting documents for each application. The maximum attachment(s) size is 25MB.
    • If multiple emails are required due to file size limitations, please use the same Subject line and indicate there are multiple emails (i.e., 1 of 3)
  • To apply on paper:

Scheduling Inspections

Zoning contacts the permit holder annually in order to schedule and perform an inspection.


Fee Schedules provide the range of fees charged for each type of application or activity related to land development in Arlington. Fees cover permitting, plan review, enforcement, inspection, service delivery, performance agreements and conditions. There are separate fee schedules for Inspection Services Division (ISD), Zoning and the Department of Environmental Services (DES). Some permits involve fees from more than one schedule.