Zoning Ordinance

The Arlington County Zoning Ordinance (ACZO)(PDF, 12MB) and the Zoning Boundaries Map (the Zoning Map) regulate the use and development of all land located within the County.

Code of Virginia §15.2 Ch. 22 grants localities in the Commonwealth the legislative authority to classify and regulate development on the land under its jurisdiction.

Arlington County Zoning Ordinance(PDF, 12MB)

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Recent Zoning Amendments

The authority to amend the Zoning Ordinance and/or the Zoning Boundaries Map resides solely with the Arlington County Board, upon the recommendation of the Planning Commission, at a duly advertised public hearing. Upcoming and recent Zoning Ordinance amendments are available below:

Zoning Determinations & Advice

The Zoning Ordinance is interpreted by the Zoning Administrator when there is a need for clarity in either the application or administration of the zoning regulations. View Zoning Determinations & Advice for an index of standing determinations and how to submit a request.


Rezoning is also known as a change in land classification. Applications are filed with the Zoning Administrator and a decision is made by the County Board.

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