Purchasing Team

Staff Contacts

County Purchasing Agent:  Dr. Sharon T. Lewis, LL.M. MPS, CPPB, VCO

Assistant Purchasing Agents:  Meloni Hurley, CPPO, VCO/A,  Cynthia Davis, CPPB, VCO/A

Procurement Staff:

Arlene Palmer, VCA

Kaylin Schreiber, CPPB, VCM, VCCO, VCO/A

Javier Iturralde, CPPB

Lucas Alexander, VCO/A

Rebecca Kirby

Sy Gezachew, VCCO, VCO/A

Tomeka Price, VCO/A

Vanessa Moorehead

The Purchasing staff may also be contacted at 703-228-3410.

Wage Coordinator

Daniel Stern