Share Your Ideas For A Temporary Outdoor Arts Space!

Published on May 25, 2022

Michelle Isabelle-Stark

2700 S Nelson Survey: Share Your Ideas For A Temporary Outdoor Arts Space!

Pop-ups have emerged as a fun and insightful tool to explore new and innovative ways to activate public spaces. They provide an inexpensive opportunity to experiment with what works (and what doesn’t) before any bricks and mortar are committed.

We need YOUR inspiration and input for a flexible outdoor arts and gathering space planned for 2700 South Nelson Street in Green Valley, which will be designed following the planned demolition of the existing building this fall. Arlington Cultural Affairs is working with public art and placemaking firm Graham Projects to design this future arts space.

The acquisition of this property aligns with multiple goals of several adopted plans and policies, including the 2018 Four Mile Run Valley Area Plan that proposed a vision of a larger Arts & Industry District for the area that includes a mix of arts, creative activities, industrial, service and production uses. Additionally, the purchase aligns with the County’s Public Spaces Master Plan and the Arlington Arts and Culture Strategy, all of which look for temporary or “pop-up” uses of space for the availability of public art or other cultural opportunities.

Learn more about the project. I invite you to share YOUR thoughts and ideas online for a new creative, open space at 2700 South Nelson Street:  Or check out the next pop-up from 6:00 until 8:00pm on Thursday, May 26th, at New District Brewing Company, 2709 S. Oakland Street.