Care For a Change

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Care for a Change, or CFAC, is a community-led initiative to increase and encourage empathy among Arlington youth.

Our Vision: An Arlington community supporting all young people in caring for each other.

More than just a campaign, Care for a Change consists of a variety of actions designed to get our young people to care about one another. Through Care for a Change, we hope to teach, encourage, and support our youth to be able to value the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes of others (in other words, to learn empathy).

How can I support Care For A Change?

If you already teach kids how to get along with one another, you are teaching them to Care for a Change and are part of this initiative!
– Name it! Thank people who act in a caring way; when someone isn’t caring, give them a gentle reminder to “Care for a Change”
– Model it!  Strive to understand what others feel, and why.
– Connect! Get involved in clubs and groups that do service projects.
– Like us! Look for Care for a Change on Facebook and PLACEspace.

CFAC focuses time and energy on these action areas:


Youth-led initiatives to teach and encourage peers to show more empathy to one another

  • High school students leading workshops for middle school students around empathy
  • Middle school students devising CFAC campaigns in their school
  • Community events to raise awareness and spread understanding

Adult education, providing knowledge, skills, and techniques to adults who interact with youth, so they can teach empathy through example, conversations, and activities;

Resources, sharing information about tools, curricula, activities so others can teach and spread the word about empathy

The more we teach and talk about “Care for a Change”, the sooner we’ll create a new culture in Arlington – of understanding, peaceful conflict resolution, and caring!

For more information about Care For A Change, contact Alicia Cackley, (703) 271-9743; or Joey Skoloda, (703) 981-9809, or