Three Key Initiatives

In 2016, the Arlington County Police Department adopted three key initiatives to guide the men and women of our agency as we continue to deliver professional police services to the Arlington County community. These initiatives are:

Police officer monitoring a crosswalk in neon vestTransportation Safety

Police officers with residentsCommunity Engagement

Police officers performing a sobriety checkCrime Prevention and Control

Strategic Management Plan

The Arlington County Police Department’s FY 2017 – FY 2021 Strategic Management Plan translates the department’s mission, values and three key initiatives into goals and objectives that help us continue to effectively allocate our resources. The plan does not intend to address everything that needs to be accomplished by our agency. Instead it looks to the future to fulfill big-picture items and plan for challenges facing our community and the law enforcement profession. While the plan acts as a foundation to our actions, it is also malleable and over the next five fiscal years will be adjusted as the needs of our community change.

Annual Report

The 2020 Annual Report(PDF, 10MB) highlights the Department’s various accomplishments undertaken in each initiative in support of our dedicated pledge of serving the community with duty, honor and commitment.