Community Outreach Unit

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The Community Outreach Unit (COU) builds and maintains strong partnerships with Arlington's residential community and stakeholder groups through proactive engagement to foster open dialogue, improve safety and prevent crime. In collaboration with the residential community, civic association groups, and other stakeholders, the Community Outreach Unit will addresses community concerns pertaining to crime, safety, and quality of life issues, develops relevant educational programming, and ensures community members are knowledgeable about Department services and programs. 

For ease of contact, the Community Outreach Unit has been divided into two teams; a North Arlington Team and a South Arlington Team. The outreach teams engage with the community, conduct seasonal donation drives, and assist with proactive patrol and crime prevention initiatives. 

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Community Outreach Supervisors
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Lieutenant Luke Haglof
Supervisor, Community Resources Section
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Sergeant Aaron Queen
Supervisor, Community and Youth Outreach
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Sergeant Jasmine Senn
Supervisor, Community and Youth Outreach
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North Arlington Team 

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South Arlington Team

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Training Opportunities

The Community Outreach teams offer the following safety presentations to community groups:

  • Active Shooter Training (Available Online)
  • See Something, Say Something
  • Risks, Hazards and Vulnerabilities in the House of Worship

Learn More About Community Trainings

Know Your Civic Association: Use our interactive map to locate the civic association where you live. The Outreach Teams work proactively with Arlington's civic associations to address concerns, share information, and attend meetings and events.