Community Trainings

Trainings Hosted by the Community Outreach Unit

The Community Outreach Unit hosts numerous crime prevention and safety informational training presentations to community groups throughout the County. The topics of these training’s are wide ranging, including Fraud Prevention, Active Shooter Response, See Something, Say Something®, and Risks, Hazards, and Vulnerabilities in Places of Worship. These presentations provide attendees with a wealth of information from reliable sources and are offered as a free service to the community. Individuals and groups trained on these topics are taught to have a heightened level of awareness and be more observant when out in the community on a daily basis.

ACPD How to Respond to an Active Shooter 

  • Active Shooter Response
    • This training session teaches the history of active shooter cases in the United States and how they have shaped the way that public safety trains and prepares to respond in Arlington County. The run, hide, fight response is reviewed with participants – with the goal of empowering the public to help themselves first in an actual active shooter situation.
  • Fraud Prevention
    • Detectives from the Financial Crimes Unit collaborate with the Community Resources Section and independently conduct presentations on fraud information, awareness, and prevention. These presentations give an overview of various types of interest and mail scams, how to protect your credit and basic instances of credit card theft. These discussions also give insight into how these cases are investigated. Those in attendance are also taught how to be an educated consumer and maintain the security of their information, particularly when using the internet.
  • See Something, Say Something®
    • Reporting suspicious activity is important in identifying crime and safety issues in our community. This training builds upon the national See Something, Say Something® campaign, by educating the public on indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crimes. This training also teaches the importance of reporting suspicious activity and behavior to state and local law enforcement. By using the observe, assess, report model, attendees will understand what to report and what information is important to enable law enforcement to investigate fully.
  • Hazard, Risks, and Vulnerabilities
    • This presentation encourages attendees to think about security in terms of any emergency, whether it be medical, weather, crime, or safety related. This training, which is generally intended for places of worship, encourages attendees to plan ahead by preparing for emergencies that may happen. It provides guidance on de-escalation and calming techniques which may be appropriate should staff or volunteers encounter an individual in mental health crisis, irate persons, or other unpredictable situations.

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Trainings Hosted by the Business Outreach Unit


The Restaurant Liaison Unit works collectively with government and non-profit partners to engage the community through a variety of outreach strategies and community programs within the County. As a part of its accreditation program, ARI and its partners host numerous crime prevention and safety informational programs for restaurant staff through its accreditation program. These trainings are designed to empower restaurant and event venue staff and owners to increase safety, comply with the law, and help reduce liability.

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