Basketball – Adult Basketball (Fall/Spring)

The Adult Competitive Basketball League is an indoor competitive recreational league open to all adults ages 18+.

Limit of ten (10) teams

Games take place Monday and Wednesday nights. 10 game Schedule with a post season tournament.

Entry Fee
$765.00 per team (plus an additional $30.00 for each non-Arlington County resident and business resident on your roster).  Please make checks payable to: Treasurer, Arlington County.  Teams are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


2023 Arlington County Sport League’s Registration Dates

  • Adult Basketball – Spring
  • Registration Open Date - January 30, 2023
  • Registration Close Date - March 12, 2023
  • Adult Basketball – Fall
  • Registration Open Date - June 26, 2023
  • Registration Close Date - August 6, 2023

Register online here

Free Agent Registration

League Starting Date
Spring 2023 games begin early April.
Fall 2023 games begin in late August.

Rosters must be comprised of at least 66% Arlington County residents and business residents.  Proof of residency is required two weeks prior to the start of the season and may be checked at any time. All adult teams will be assessed a $30.00 fee for each non-County resident.  The non-resident fee should be added to the entry fee.  Employees of Arlington County Government & Arlington County Public Schools are considered residents.  Players without proper verification will be considered out-of-county or ineligible players.  Playing ineligible players will result in forfeiture of all games the team has participated in.

Man dunking basketball

Fifteen (15) player limit.
Must include proper name (no nicknames), address, zip code, phone number, and signature of all coaches, managers, and players. Incomplete rosters will be returned.

Free Agents
Individuals may register at any point during the season and are not subject to payment unless picked up by a team. Free agents are not guaranteed team placement. Free agents are added to a free agent list that is only accessible to team captains. Team captains may then reach out to free agents to gauge interest in joining their team. Those interested in free agent registration may do so HERE.

No Practices are held for this league.




Adult Basketball Rules

For more information, contact Javonte Campbell at 703-228-1835 or Javonte Campbell