Snow Business for Narrow Roads

Help Yourself, Your Neighbors, Your County

If you live on one of Arlington’s many narrow roadways, you should have received a postcard with tips heading into this winter. Residents on cul-de-sacs will want to pay particular attention as such roads are particularly tricky to clear during and after a big snowstorm.

  • Removing vehicles from on-street parking during a storm is the best course of action for a narrow road.
  • Second best: coordinating with neighbors to park all residential vehicles on only one side of a narrow road.
  • When shoveling snow, keeping it out of the roadway will prevent all kinds of safety and cleanup trouble.

Following this simple advice will make life easier for you, your neighbors and the County while digging out from any snowstorm.

snow postcard(JPG, 199KB)

Do You Live on the Best Narrow Street in Arlington?

When big snow is in the forecast, a little coordination could win you and your neighbors some wonderful snow swag. We’re looking for photographic proof of a narrow street clear of parked cars or even parked to just to one side during/after a storm. The longer the stretch of cleared roadway, the better the winnings. Winter snow-fighting gear courtesy of  Arlington’s Twins Ace Hardware. Prize packages may include vintage Arlington County reusable straws and ice cream scoops, but supplies are limited.

Coordination is key and the street must be on the County’s official list of designated narrow roadways. Post photographs to @ArlingtonDES on X or @ArlingtonDES on Facebook. Provide street name and block number.

Note: Gear will be delivered to winners in time for the next storm.