Fraud Investigation

What is fraud?

Public assistance fraud occurs when a person knowingly makes false statements, withholds information or fails to report information necessary to determine eligibility or benefits. Attempted fraud is also a crime. Public assistance fraud involving $200 or more is grand larceny, a felony crime.

About the Fraud Unit

The Fraud Unit is the investigation and enforcement arm of the Arlington County Department of Human Services. The unit is empowered to prevent, detect, investigate and eliminate fraud and abuse directed at the programs of the department on behalf of the citizens of Arlington County. The unit is responsible for the investigation of persons suspected of defrauding agency programs and for enforcement of the rules and laws pertaining to public assistance.

The goal of the Arlington County Department of Human Services Fraud Unit is to ensure the highest public confidence, integrity and efficiency in the programs and operations of the Bureau of Assistance Programs. This is accomplished through education, investigation and enforcement.

Enabling legislation

In 1998, the Virginia General Assembly amended the Code of Virginia to require local agencies to establish fraud investigation units. The Fraud Unit is a recognized criminal justice agency, pursuant to §63.2-526 of the Code of Virginia and authority for the Virginia anti-fraud initiative is based on this legislation.

How to report fraud in Arlington County