FAMIS for Children

General Information

Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) provides medical insurance for children under age 19 who have low-income. Medical insurance for children under age 19 consist of two programs:

  • FAMIS, which provides medical coverage for uninsured and low-income children, or
  • FAMIS Plus, which provides medical coverage for low-income children who may have other health care coverage. Visit the state’s FAMIS information page.

Services covered:

  • Doctor and hospital visits
  • Vaccinations and well-baby check-ups
  • Prescription medicine
  • Tests and x-rays
  • Dental and vision Care
  • Emergency mental health care
  • A co-payment of $2 or $5 may be applicable for some services


  • Children under age 19
  • Virginia resident
  • U.S. citizen and some legal immigrants
  • Social Security number or proof of application
  • For FAMIS Plus: Assign Rights to Medical Support (meaning any reimbursements from applicant’s private insurance and/or settlements from a lawsuit must be paid to the Department of Medical Assistance (DMAS)
  • Income limits vary for FAMIS or FAMIS Plus Programs for children. Please see guidelines below.
  • Applicants not eligible for FAMIS Plus and who do not have health insurance may qualify with the FAMIS income limits.

FAMIS Monthly Income Limits* – Effective January 20, 2023

Household Size Maximum Gross Income
1 $2,430
2 $3,287
3 $4,144
4 $5,000
5 $5,857
6 $6,714
7 $7,570
8 $8,427
Each additional family member $857

* Includes 5% standard disregard

FAMIS Plus Monthly Family Income Limits

Household Size Maximum Gross Income
1 $1,738
2 $2,350
3 $2,963
4 $3,575
5 $4,188
6 $4,801
7 $5,413
8 $6,026
Each Additional $613

How to Apply

Apply in person or mail to: Bureau of Public Assistance Programs
2100 Washington Boulevard, 1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22204



Download an application: Apply (coverva.org)


Call 703-228-1350 to have an application mailed to you


Fax application and documents required to 703-228-1001

Documents Required

  • Cover Virginia Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs
  • You may be asked for:
    • Social Security Number or proof of application
    • Verification of identify of eligible children
    • Proof of Citizenship or Immigration Status
    • Proof of current income for applicant, all children and parents living in home
    • Copy of health insurance cards, if applicable