Parent’s Corner

“Better Together”

We Value Your Voice and Choice

Your voice is important to us! During your child’s meetings, it is your time to talk about what services you think are best for your child. We recognize YOU are the expert on your child. You know them best!

We Believe in Equity in Action

Equality seeks to treat each person the same. It suggests everyone gets the same amount of the same thing.

Equity is based on fairness and knowing that everyone has different needs and deserves different support to live full, healthy lives.

We Honor Your Right to

  • Know how your child can access CSA
  • Understand the information that you receive in your native language
  • Give approval before any confidential information is discussed or released
  • Receive assistance from an assigned Case Manager
  • Review your child’s service plan
  • Participate fully in the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT)
  • Agree before beginning any services, except those which are court ordered
  • Read your child’s records and give permission for release of records

Right to Appeal

If you disagree with your child’s FAPT decision on what kinds of services your child should receive in the future, you have the right to appeal the decision and have your child’s request reviewed by the Community Policy and Management Team.

Preparing for Your Child’s FAPT Meeting

  1. Family Assessment and Planning Team Tip-Sheet for Remote Meetings (in English)  / (en Español)
  2. FAPT with Zoom
  3. FAPT for Families
  4. FAPT Norms 
  5. FAPT Agenda and Guide

We Want to Hear from You

Please tell us how the FAPT meetings are going for you and your family! Ask your child’s Case Manager or any of the System of Care team members for a FAPT Feedback Survey.

Other Resources