Nursing Case Management

What We Do

The Nursing Case Management (NCM) program helps individuals improve or maintain their health so they can remain at home safely for as long as possible. Services include:

  • Providing case management and coordinating your health care
  • Assessing and monitoring your health status
  • Pre-pouring your medications
  • Providing health education
  • Referring you for other services you might need

Who is Eligible?

Arlington residents 60 years old or older with multiple chronic illnesses or adults age 18 to 59 with a permanent disability who:

  • Require assistance managing health care needs
  • Lack a sufficient support system
  • Have a physician who can order services and renew orders every six months and/or when treatment changes
  • Have no access to another source for care coordination
  • Are no longer eligible for skilled care  but who have an ongoing need for care coordination and medication management 

For Clients Receiving Skilled Care

  • In order to not duplicate services from other providers, individuals receiving skilled care at home, at the hospital or living in a nursing home or assisted living facility are not eligible. Skilled care includes care coordination and medication management.
  • Individuals discharged from skilled care or the hospital without skilled care are eligible for the service once the treatment orders are received from the physician.

What is the Cost?

  • There may be a small fee, based on your income
  • Costs are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurance

Contact Us

  • Call 703-228-1700 (703-228-1788 TTY) or  Email Us to learn more about these services.
  • Visit the Customer Service Center from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on business days. Meet with an intake worker for an initial assessment of your needs.
  • Care Providers: Please make referrals at least 2 weeks before discharge from skilled services and as soon as possible prior to hospital or nursing home discharge.
  • We welcome referrals made by families, friends, physicians, and other community agencies