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  • Chief Judge: Robin L. Robb
  • Judge: George D. Varoutsos

Court Chambers: 703-228-4499
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Clerk of Court

  • Ronikka K. Lartey, Clerk, 703-228-7333

Court Services

  • Earl Conklin, Director of Court Services,703-228-4600

Adult Unit

  • Investigates and supervises adults who come under the jurisdiction of the Court on matters relating to domestic violence, other intra-family criminal cases and cases of adult offenses against children.
  • Seeks to protect and preserve the welfare of the family and the community by providing evaluation, treatment, and referral services for adult clients.
  • Counselors conduct case investigations and evaluations, supervise probation, treatment coordination and monitor compliance with court orders, and arrange for violation hearings when there is non-compliance.

Intake Unit

Read about the Juvenile Justice Process in Virginia.

The Intake unit assists police officers and citizens with Court services and:

  • Serves as the first contact point for processing complaints through the Court system
  • Receives and processes complaints involving children and families in a way that limits further involvement with the justice system
  • Examines each complaint for the probable cause, jurisdiction and possible diversion to another Court or County program
  • Handles cases informally by using a diversion process — such as an informal hearing — when appropriate

Assistance with protective orders

  • If you think you need protection, the  Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court may issue a Family Abuse Protective Order to help keep a victim of family abuse safe from further acts of violence.
  • I-CAN!™ Virginia is a free online program that will help you fill out the forms you will need to ask the court for a Protective Order.

Juvenile Unit

Investigates and supervises all matters involving children younger than 18 or who have committed offenses prior to turning 18

Provides investigation services in:

  • Delinquency cases
  • Children in Need of Services cases
  • Children in Need of Supervision cases
  • Emancipation petitions
  • Juvenile transfers to the Circuit Court
  • Requests for studies by other jurisdictions
  • Child custody cases
  • Visitation matters

Provides supervision services in:

  • probation, parole (delinquent) and
  • Children in Need of Services cases (non-delinquent)

Monitors cases for compliance with Court-mandated conditions — such as restitution or community service — in situations with no formal supervision status

Juvenile probation counselors:

  • prepare, document, refer and coordinate client services
  • visit clients at the detention centers, Sheltercare, schools, homes, state correctional facilities and residential placements
  • attend interagency planning meetings, parent-teacher meetings, and case staffing

For more information on the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court’s services, call 703-228-4500 or email.