Crystal and Pentagon Cities Council (CPCC) Members

The Crystal and Pentagon Cities Council (CPCC) is comprised of residents, property owners, members of Arlington commissions and others appointed by the County Board. Regular meetings are about two hours once every three months (additional meetings may be added).

     Michael Dowell, Chair

     Crystal City Civic Association (3)

  1. Judy Freshman
  2. Emily Norton
  3. Barbara Selfridge

*Carol Fuller (until seat expiration on 11/30/2023)

     Aurora Highlands Civic Association (3)

  1. Pamela Van Hine
  2. Jill Braun
  3. Ben D'Avanzo (withing PCSP boundary)

     Arlington Ridge Civic Association (3)

  1. Susan English
  2. Richard Kelly
  3. Jeffrey Williams (within PCSP boundary)

     Crystal City Landowners (2)

  1. Taylor Lawch | Vice-chair
  2. Harmar Thompson  

     Pentagon City Landowners (2)

  1. Rich Fernicola (Brookfield)
  2. Robert Vaughn (Dweck)

     Crystal City Business Owners/Tenants (2)

  1. Mory Zebhideh (Real Jewelers)
  2. Patrick Phillippi (Amazon)

     Pentagon City Business Owners/Tenants (2)

  1. Wesley Mehr (Pentagon City Mall)
  2. *VACANT

     National Landing Business Improvement District (1)

  1. Rob Mandle

     Planning Commission (1 ex-officion)

  1. Nia Bagley

     Transportation Commission (1 ex-officio)

  1. Ajdin Muratovic

     Park and Recreation Commission (1 ex-officio)

  1. Shruti Kuppa

     Housing Commission (1 ex-officio)

  1. Haley Norris

     Economic Development Commission (1 ex-officio)

  1. Tommy Amal