Crystal and Pentagon Cities Council (CPCC)

The Crystal and Pentagon Cities Council (CPCC) (formerly known as the Crystal City Citizens Review Council or CCCRC) was established by the Arlington County Board to monitor, identify issues and ensure the success of the Crystal City Sector Plan and the Pentagon City Sector Plan. Both sector plans present the future vision to transform the area and make it a more complete, inviting, lively and walkable community.

Public Meetings

Meetings are held as-needed in the Crystal City Community Room from 7-9 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.

2023 Meetings

Date  Agenda  Documents & Materials 
December 11th (Virtual meeting) | 7-9pm


  1. Development Updates
  2. Community Priorities (Follow Up)
  3. Crystal Houses 3 Minor Site Plan Amendment
  4. Forestry & Natural Resources Plan Overview

October 3rd (Hybrid meeting) | 7-9pm | Long Bridge Park Aquatics Center (Community Room 1 & 2)

  1. Introductions
  2. Development Updates & Housing Data
  3. Community Priorities for 22202
  4. Legislative Priorities 

June 20th (Virtual meeting) | 7-9pm

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  1. Introductions
  2. Development Schedule Update
  3. Crystal Houses Update
  4. Zoning Ordinance Amendment
  5. Construction Staging and Lights
  6. County Funding of Large Public Amenities

April 13th (Hybrid meeting) | 7 - 9pm 

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1. New Members Welcome

2. Demographics and Development updates for CC and PC

3. Priorities and main concerns for CC and PC

3. Work plan for the year

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