CDCAC Members

Committee members include citizen representatives of county-wide organizations or constituencies with a special interest in community development and affordable housing programs. Many members represent neighborhoods where significant Community Development Program-funded activities are taking place and where there are concentrations of low- and moderate-income persons.

Member time commitment: Regular meetings are about two hours once a month. Proposal review meetings are three hours each week for four to five weeks in October and November.

  • Lara Malakoff, Chair – General (Public Interest at Large)
  • Tim Denning, Vice Chair – Homeless Population (Low-Moderate Income Interests)
  • Jennifer Bodie – Barcroft (NSA Representative)
  • Greg Bramham – General (Public Interest at Large)
  • Nicolas Cicero – General (Public Interest at Large)
  • Bryan Coleman – General (Public Interest at Large)
  • Lincoln Cummings – Commission on Aging (Elected / Appointed Official)
  • Steven Gallagher – Community Services Board (Elected / Appointed Official)
  • Margaret McGilvray – Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing (Elected / Appointed Official)
  • Nicole Merlene – General (Public Interest at Large)
  • Carlton Newton – Green Valley (NSA Representative)
  • Walter Charles Sargent – Human Rights Commission (Elected / Appointed Official)
  • Mike Tully – Buckingham (NSA Representative)
  • Vacant - NSA Representative or Low-Moderate Income (LMI) Interests
  • Vacant - Elected / Appointed Official