Commission on Aging - Membership

The Commission is a 17-member council of people who live or work in the County. Commission members elect their own officers and interview and recommend prospective members to the County Board, who appoints new members. Members serve on at least one committee and may act as liaisons to local, regional and state organizations.

A term of service is 3 years, with two consecutive terms allowed. Each year at the end of September, approximately one-third of Commission members reach the end of their terms. The Commission typically holds interviews with prospective members during May and June. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be held for consideration until the next opening occurs.

Current Members

  • Linda Kelleher, Chair
  • William Way, Vice Chair
  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Cheryl Beversdorf
  • Juan Carlos Valezquez
  • Lincoln Cummings
  • Del. Alfonso Lopez
  • Herschel Kanter
  • Kate Chutuape
  • Anthony Nunez
  • Audrey Kremer
  • Jim Richardson
  • Roland Watkins
  • Cynthia Schneider
  • Andrea Walker
  • Charlie Sabatino