Wrap-up Media Release for January 2024 Meeting

Published on January 29, 2024

The Arlington County Board considered and acted on many items at its Saturday and Tuesday Board meetings. These include the following: 

Saturday, January 20, 2023 – Regular County Board Meeting 

Use Permit Amendment for Reeves Farmhouse – Item 10
The Arlington County Board approved a use permit amendment to the Reeves Farmhouse Unified Residential Development, allowing for historically sensitive renovations, in keeping with the intended purpose as a residential structure, and site improvements by the intended purchaser – Habitat for Humanity. These are not new modifications and since 2015 the County has been trying to secure a purchaser for the Reeves Farmhouse. Habitat for Humanity has been negotiating with the County since 2020 to acquire this property to operate a home for adults with developmental disabilities – a significant need in Arlington.   

As Habitat for Humanity does not currently own this property, the Board also gave its consent to consider this use permit amendment by the applicant as the intended purchaser of the property. This allows the applicant to initiate review of a land disturbance permit so that they may commence renovations as soon as they acquire ownership of the property and once County funds have been allocated to support this effort.   

Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrades – Item 16
The Board also approved the award of a contract between the Arlington County Board and PC Construction to provide design-build services for upgrades to the Solid Handling Facilities at the Water Pollution Control Plant. This plant treats wastewater generated in Arlington and in portions of surrounding jurisdictions and produces what’s known as a “biosolids” product—which is expensive to store and dispose of. Current county facilities that carry out this process are beyond their useful life and require replacing. In doing so, this process will yield a higher quality biosolids product, with more disposal options and even potential retail and residential use, and renewable natural gas—reducing the County’s dependence on fossil fuels.  

The Board’s approval of this contract is one of two funding approvals associated with this replacement project, with a guaranteed maximum price amendment for the main project’s construction coming to the Board in late 2025/early 2026.   

Red Lion Hotel Site Plan Amendments and Associated Items – Item 30
The Board also approved amendments and associated items that will allow the redevelopment of the existing Red Lion hotel located at 1501 Arlington Blvd. and the Ellis Arms and Williamsburg Apartments into an eight-story multifamily residential building. This building will have 446 dwelling units, and the overall project will advance the following key County Goals and objectives:  

  • Affordable housing: Provides 22 on-site committed affordable units (CAFs), totaling 42 bedrooms, including four (4) one-bedroom, 16 two-bedroom, and two (2) three-bedroom units—furthering the goals of the Affordable Housing Master Plan;  

  • Sustainable design: Makes LEED Gold certification, 20% energy optimization, and additional sustainability commitments in accordance with the Green Building Incentive Policy at the 0.35 FAR level. In addition, a portion of the existing parking garage will be reused, thereby reducing the amount of embodied carbon--furthering the goals of the Community Energy Plan;  

  • New housing: Supports General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Development and Growth Goals through creation of 418 net new dwelling units in the transit-rich and multimodal transportation environment in the Rosslyn Station Area;  

  • Urban design: Eliminates existing surface parking lots, significantly reduces curb cut widths, creates a continuous building face along Fairfax Drive, and undergrounds overhead power lines along the site frontages;   

  • Streetscape and Multimodal Approach: Constructs new sidewalks, increasing the number of street trees along all frontages and new crosswalks and ADA improvements (accessible ramps) at the intersection of Fairfax Drive and North Piece Street as well as mid-block on Fairfax Drive between the proposed lobby and Arlington Boulevard Trail. In addition, the proposed building placement ensures adequate right-of-way remains for the new Arlington Boulevard Trail capital project, currently in preliminary engineering phase. 

Use Permit regarding 1425 N. Quincy Street – Item 31
The Board also renewed the use permit for a commercial parking lot to store up to 29 ART buses to park on a portion of the property at 1425 N. Quincy Street. This use permit was first approved in May 2022 as a temporary use until December 31, 2025, as accommodations for a portion of the ART fleet serving routes in the northern portion of Arlington County.  

This item will have a County Board review in six months (July 2024), allowing the community, staff, and the Board to assess use operations and potential early discontinuation of the permit before December 31, 2025. 

Requests to Advertise 

The Board approved two Requests to Advertise for public hearings related to the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance and the County’s Comprehensive Plan. Requests to advertise are not final votes, and residents will have an opportunity to comment on these items at later dates.  

Parking Meter Pilot Program - Item 27
This item will be heard by the County Board in February 2024. This item would establish a temporary performance parking pilot program in commercial corridors that would permit periodic administrative changes to metered parking rates to help address peak parking demand and utilization.  

Sanitary Sewer Collection System Plan Update - Item 28
This item will be heard by the Planning Commission and County Board in February 2024. This item would update the Sanitary Sewer Collection System plan, an element of the County’s Comprehensive plan. The Sanitary Sewer Collection System plan, last updated in 2002, sets the policy and infrastructure improvements necessary to meet anticipated growth and development within the County.    

Board meeting and agenda information can be accessed on the County Board's webpage

Tuesday, January 23, 2023 – Recessed County Board Meeting 

Resolution for Ballston Quarter Community Development Authority Financing - Item 32 
The Board also convened a closed session as the Ballston Quarter Community Development Authority (CDA) to approve a resolution authorizing a restructuring of the CDA’s existing bonds. The Board then returned to the public meeting and, as the sponsoring body in control of related tax revenue streams, acted in their roles as County Board members to adopt these documents and an amendment to the parcels included within the Ballston Quarter Tax Increment Finance area to align with the redevelopment of the Macy’s site. 

Board meeting and agenda information can be accessed on the County Board's webpage

Registering to Speak at future Public Hearings  

Registration to speak on an item with a scheduled public hearing opens approximately a week before the meeting, and members of the public can either register online or call in at 703-228-3130. Those wanting to participate in these hearings can do so in person, virtually, or by phone and will receive instructions on these options once they have completed their registration. Members of the public wanting to speak on a Consent Agenda item must notify the County Board Office before 9 AM at Regular Meetings to request the item be pulled from the agenda. Members of the public must then register to speak on pulled agenda items at the upcoming Tuesday Recessed meeting. Agendas will note which consent agenda items are subject to public hearing requirements and which require Board member consent to be removed.  

Members of the public are also strongly encouraged to subscribe to the County Board's News and Updates service to be alerted when meeting agendas are posted. Board meeting and agenda information can be accessed on the County Board's webpage

Visit 2024 County Board Meeting and Procedures on the County website to Learn More. 

Arlington 2050: Envisioning Tomorrow Together

Earlier this month, the Arlington County Board launched its Arlington 2050 initiative, a year-long envisioning process that will ask residents across the County to provide feedback on what they believe Arlington should look like nearly three decades from now on topics including transportation, housing, education, business, form of government—and more! 

On February 5, the Board will host a kickoff event which will include a panel discussion with business, climate, demography, and education experts to discuss emerging trends that will impact Arlington. This event will be live-streamed, as venue space is limited.

Are you interested in attending this event? Please visit the "Upcoming Events" section of our webpage to learn more about requesting an invitation!


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