Earth Day 2023: Spring E-CARE, Sustainability Programs and More

Published on March 31, 2023

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Earth Day returns in 2023 on Saturday, April 22, amid some encouraging signs for local stewardship.

Lighting the way: Arlington has achieved putting all County facilities on 100% renewable electricity, a key Community Energy Plan target accomplished two years ahead of schedule.

Just as the County’s first electric school buses arrived for the new year, Arlington’s non-emergency sedan fleet accelerated closer to half all-electric, a target to be reached next year.

Also since last Earth Day: Arlington was named one of only five Walk Friendly Platinum Communities in the United States—highest level—after years at gold status, as determined by the University of North Carolina’s Highway Safety Research Center.

And the County recently created its own Office of Climate Coordination and Policy, adding further capacity to an already proven commitment to responding to climate change.

Residents also continue to make their own progress, whether through organized groups or taking advantage of year-round opportunities to learn, grow and clean up on a regular basis.

Spring Cleaning with E-CARE

Arlington E-CARE (Environmental Collection and Recycling Event) returns to Wakefield High School on Saturday, April 15, 2023, for the best disposal of household hazardous materials and old electronics that take up so much space in so many homes. The list of accepted items includes mercury, batteries, printer cartridges, gas cylinders and fluorescent tubes—the kinds of things that shouldn’t just get tossed in the drop off at ecare

Pro-tip: Residents arriving by foot or bike with Spring E-CARE drop-offs are more than appreciated, sticking to Arlington’s Car-Free Diet. Residents arriving by car or truck can make their clean-ups even greener by combining loads with neighbors and saving trips.

Business and commercial wastes, bicycles and small metal items will not be accepted at E-CARE.

Feed the Earth with Food Scraps

For endless growth in sustainability, residents with weekly curbside collection are getting in the habit of tossing food scraps into their green organics carts along with yard waste. The goal: producing nutrient rich compost to super-charge soil while removing all sorts of beneficial biodegradables from the black-cart trash stream.

On Wednesday, April 19 at 7 p.m., join a live virtual how-to, “Go Green (Cart) with Food Scraps,” perfect for would-be food scrappers and even those regulars who’ve participated since 2021. Questions are encouraged and participants just might win some handy biodegradable bags or a countertop caddy.

A Growing List of Earth Day Events 

The truth is that the list of Arlington Earth Day/Week/Month-and-beyond happenings really never ends.

Take a look at just the spring highlights calendar, stretching from native plants ready for order now and daily Parks & Recreation activities like Family Fun Day at the Park, to National Walking Day, Bike to Work Day and various group cleanups through June’s annual Green Community Tour.

Volunteer to make Arlington’s natural areas better for all through our monthly Invasive Plant Removal events at 12 different locations, and native plant nursery events every Tuesday from 2-4 p.m. And don’t miss out on more than 70 nature related events happening throughout the month of April.

Arlington Mill Community Center’s EarthFest 2023 event on Friday, April 21 offers a wealth of Earth Day Eve sustainable living demonstrations from composting to energy efficiency, with recycled art and take-home projects for all ages.

And Earth Day Every Day on Langston Boulevard, Sunday, April 23, is the family friendly way for to cap the theme weekend with music, kids’ activities and loads of hands-on environmental learning booths.

As we like to say, it’s enough indoor—and especially outdoor—fun to make you thirsty. Be sure to stay hydrated with clean, sustainable, super-economical Arlington water from the tap.

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