Dialogues on Race & Equity (DRE)

Dialogues on race and equity  

Addressing racial equity and reducing disparities requires Arlingtonians across the County to share their perspectives. Through these shared perspectives and small interactive virtual conversations, individual residents, community groups, and leaders have an opportunity to participate in facilitated dialogue with each other to learn about and directly address racial equity issues in Arlington County.

The Dialogues on Race and Equity (DRE) are part of the County’s broader commitment to racial equity and follows the County Board’s 2019 equity resolution.

DRE includes a series of virtual community conversations with individuals, local faith groups, civic organizations, and community leaders, to learn about and address the ways in which Arlington can be a more equitable and inclusive place for all residents and businesses.

A Conversation on Equity


To learn more click on the image and take a look at the discussion questions to host your own conversation with family, colleagues, and community members. Before you get started here are some tips for creating a respectful and brave space:

  • Listen deeply - to others, to yourself
  • We don’t have to agree
  • Accept discomfort
  • Expect and accept lack of closure
  • Use I language; Speak for yourself/own experience
  • Lean into curiosity
  • Remember to breathe


Summary Presentation on DRE Efforts and Final Report

On January 26, 2021, Arlington County’s Chief Race and Equity Officer, Samia Byrd, and Director of Challenging Racism, Alicia Jones McLeod, presented the findings/summary of the Dialogues on Race and Equity efforts at the County Board Recessed Meeting.

Arlington County and Challenging Racism DRE Final Report(PDF, 452KB) DRE Summary Presentation to the County Board DRE Summary Presentation Slide Deck(PDF, 744KB)