Key Boulevard Water Main Replacement


Key Boulevard from North Jackson Street to North Danville Street and North Herndon Street from Key Boulevard to North Jackson Street,    View Map

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About the Project

This project is for the construction of a new water main along Key Boulevard from N. Jackson St. to N. Danville St. to replace an existing and aging water main which was built in 1927. The proposed water main will improve fire flow capacity and support demand in the neighborhood.

The Key Boulevard water main project was identified in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The water main replacement is part of the CIP efforts to replace the old unlined cast iron pipes which are subjected to internal and external corrosion that reduces the fire flow capacity. In past few years, the main had an excessive number of breaks that prompted the need for replacement. The existing water main along Key Boulevard is approximately 90 years old and will be replaced with a larger diameter water main.

About the Process

The project began in 2021, but was put on hold in the winter due to the need for a bypass. Work will begin again in April 2022. The anticipated completion time is Fall 2022.

The contractor will limit noise-generating work to the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. No weekend work is anticipated. Other tasks may be addressed during the hours immediately before and after that window.

There will be water service disruptions to customers throughout the project when water service is transferred to the old main to the new, and when the new main is connected to the water system. Service transfer disruptions should not last more than two hours. Disruptions due to main connections should not last more than 8 hours. Advance notice will be given to residents prior to any planned water shut-offs.