Wilson Boulevard Streetscape Improvements (Clarendon Area)


In Design

All easements have been procured and the project is working toward 90% design.

Wilson Blvd Improvement project map 2020


Wilson Boulevard from North Kenmore Street to 10th Street North, and 10th Street North between North Jackson Street and North Ivy Street

About the Project

Improvements to Wilson Boulevard were identified in the Virginia Square Sector Plan, adopted by the County Board in 2002.

Between 2009 and 2019 the County completed three previous phases (North Quincy Street to North Kenmore Street) of the Wilson Boulevard Improvements project.

Project elements for all phases include:

  • New curb and gutter
  • ADA-compliant sidewalks
  • Traffic signal improvements
  • Carlyle-style streetlights
  • Street trees
  • Storm sewer upgrades/improvements
  • New asphalt paving, signing and markings

Phase III East

The project’s final east phase is in the early design phase. It entails a utility undergrounding project that will bury utility lines in this area. Design work will be completed upon procurement of easements in the project area, which will make way subsequent phases of the project.

Completed Phases

The following phases of work on Wilson Blvd have been completed:

Phase  Location   Completion Date 
Phase I  N Monroe St to N Oakland St  Fall 2009
Phase II-A N Oakland St to N Pollard St Summer 2010
Phase II-B N Pollard St to N Quincy St  Spring 2012
Phase III West      N Monroe St to N Kenmore St     Fall 2019


Read the March 2019 project update.

Public Process

Updates have been presented to the Lyon Village, Lyon Park, Ashton Heights and Clarendon Courthouse civic associations since 2011, and notification updates were provided throughout the design process.

Staff provided an update at the Ashton Heights Civic Association meeting in January 2018.

Project updates will continue to be provided to residents and the business community.


This project is locally funded.