South Carlin Springs Road Safety Study


South Carlin Springs Road from Arlington Blvd (US-50) south to 7th Road S, Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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South Carlin Springs Road Safety Study

This project is a collaborative study involving staff from both Arlington County Department of Environmental Services (DES) and Arlington County Public Schools (APS) to review existing conditions on S Carlin Springs Road near Kenmore Middle School, Carlin Springs Elementary School and Campbell Elementary School and provide recommendations for improvements on the corridor to allow for safer routes to school. The project objectives are to:

  • Evaluate pedestrian safety issues along the S Carlin Springs Rd corridor
  • Identify key safety concerns from a pedestrian point of view
  • Develop solutions to address identified concerns
  • Create a safe environment for students/families of the three APS schools in the corridor


Arlington County DES staff have collected and analyzed traffic volume, speed, crash, and other traffic safety-related data on the S Carlin Springs Rd corridor. Arlington County staff have also coordinated with staff from Arlington County Public Schools to validate all results and findings of the data analysis and site visits. Arlington County and Arlington County Public Schools will continue to coordinate together and with the local Civic Association to finalize short, mid, and long term improvement strategies to make the street safer for pedestrians. Short-term, temporary improvements were implemented in 2020-21.


This project is locally funded.

Project Documents


As part of this collaborative effort with APS, Arlington County government provided the following month updates to APS, APS’s Advisory Committee on Transportation Choices and the Arlington County Police Department to address completed, pending and upcoming action items: