Ballston Multimodal Improvements

  • Completion DateNovember 30, 2022


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Construction was completed in late fall of 2022. The County held a ribbon cutting event on November 17, 2022 to celebrate substantial completion of the project.

Ballston Multimodal Rendering Project

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Final Bus Bay Locations

As of October 2022, all bus routes serving the Ballston Station have moved to their permanent bus bay assignments on North Fairfax Drive and North Stuart Street. Signs will be posted to guide passengers to the right bus bays for boarding. Electronic signs will be installed in bus shelters in winter 2023.

North Stuart Street Bus Bays

  • Bay A: ART 72 (Rock Spring), Metrobus 23A (Crystal City), Metrobus 23T (Shirlington)
  • Bay B: Metrobus 38B
  • Bay C: ART 51, ART 52, Metrobus 2A
  • Bay D: ART 42, Metrobus 25B

North Fairfax Drive Bus Bays

  • Bay E: ART 75
  • Bay F: Metrobus 1AB
  • Bay G: Metrobus 10B, Metrobus 22A
  • Bay H: ART 72 (Shirlington)
  • Bay J: ART 53, Metrobus 23AT (McLean), Metrobus 23B (Alexandria)

About the Project

Arlington and Metro initiated a conceptual study in 2010 to improve the Ballston-MU Metrorail plaza and the operation of nearby streets. Although the Metro station area is active and provides many transportation options, these very conditions – in their previous configuration – diminish safety and circulation.

Previously, the plaza had aging, crowded bus shelters; congested bus bays; crowded sidewalks and public spaces; dated furnishings and landscaping; no Kiss-and-Ride location; no dedicated shuttle bus location; and a lack of wayfinding signage.

The Ballston Station Multimodal Study identifies, analyzes and recommends enhancements that will encourage safer and smoother pedestrian and transit circulation as well as improve the design of the plaza for all users.

See the Changes(PDF, 761KB)

Project Goals

  • Increase traffic safety – decrease conflicts between buses and pedestrians, improve bike safety
  • Improve transit circulation around the station – decrease the number of buses parked in non-bus spaces, improve the management of curbside operations
  • Improve access and facilities for all users – enhance bus passenger amenities
  • Enhance the design and increase the use of public spaces – increase the viability of retail, maximize green space and increase user comfort
  • Provide sustainable infrastructure – enhance the attractiveness of transportation choices; provide for low-impact development, where possible

Street-Level Improvements

  • Additional bus bays
  • New, modern furniture and bus shelters
  • Real-time bus information at bus stops
  • Expanded bus customer seating
  • Additional bike parking
  • Expanded public space on Fairfax Drive
  • Dedicated Kiss-and-Ride curbspace
  • Dedicated shuttle bus curbspace and bus shelter
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved wayfinding signage



Public Process

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Arlington County celebrated(PDF, 923KB) the substantial completion of the Ballston Multimodal Improvements Projects on Thursday, November 17, at 10:00 AM at the Ballston Metro Station on the North Fairfax Drive side. 

Past Public Meetings

Arlington County engaged with the community throughout the project's duration. Click on the accordion below to see past meeting information and documents.

Past Public Meetings


Date Location Meeting Materials
Dec. 16, 2015 Public open house
NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd.
90% Design presentation
Feb. 9, 2015 Technical Committee meeting 30% Design Review presentation
Dec. 17, 2014 Project update
Bluemont Civic Association meeting

Nov. 19, 2014 Technical Committee meeting County presentation
Nov. 3, 2014 Public meeting
Central Library
County presentation
Oct. 8, 2014 Technical Committee meeting County Presentation
Oct. 5, 2010 Stakeholder meeting
NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd.
June 10, 2010 Stakeholder meeting
NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd.
May 27, 2010 Transportation Commission meeting
Construction Updates

Click on the accordion below to see updates from major project milestones.

October 2022

October 2022

Bus bay construction is completed and bus routes have been relocated to their permanent bay assignments. Construction on the west side of North Stuart Street is allowed to progress now that buses have been moved to their respective bays. Work is expected to reach substantial completion in early November of 2022.

January 2022

The Ballston Multimodal project is currently in Phase 2, with work occurring along N. Stuart Street. In the coming weeks, contractors will continue to advance construction of the new bus bays and planter area along the east side of N. Stuart Street.

Ballston-MU 2020 phase 4 map.png

Beginning the week of January 24, 2022, contractors will kick off work on Phase 4 of the project, which affects the interior plaza of the work zone. This phase of work has been moved up to allow the construction team to reduce delays and complete the project as soon as possible.

As always, all construction work is weather-dependent, so scheduling changes may occur.

To maintain access to the Commuter Store and building entrances and minimize disruptions for people accessing bus and MetroRail, work will be conducted in sub-phases. Wayfinding signage will be provided to help people navigate the new construction zones and reach their destination. 

October 2021


Phase 1

Phase 1 along Fairfax Drive is substantially completed with 4 new bus bays open to bus operations. The planter areas and other bus stop amenities, such as new shelter benches, light fixtures and more, will be installed and completed by the contractor in later phases of the project. Some of the bus shelters temporarily have repurposed benches, and these will be replaced with new benches in later phases of the project.

The new real-time bus arrival signage for the bus stops is being coordinated and procured by WMATA and is expected to be installed near the end of project; until then, temporary bus stop signage is in place.

Phase 2

The contractor has mobilized in the Phase 2 construction work zone along North Stuart Street. During the coming weeks, crews will be performing excavation to prepare the area for waterproofing work that will be performed by others.

Construction in Phase 2 will generally consist of upgrades to the transit bus area with new bus bays and bus stop amenities, plaza area improvements, and pedestrian crossing improvements along Stuart Street. Phase 2 work is expected to last several months into early 2022 before shifting to Phase 3.

Access to the building properties and the Metro station entrance are being maintained.

Bus stop changes during Phase 2

Bus stops A, B, C and D along North Stuart Street and bus stop J on North Stafford Street are closed during the project’s second phase of construction. Bus service is routed to newly opened bus stops on Fairfax Drive and to temporary bus stops on the west side of North Stuart Street.

See the flyers below for a bus stop relocation map:


April 2020 - Pre Construction

Watch this narrated presentation from 2020 that provides an overview of the project's planned construction phases and impacts.


December 2019 - Final 100% Bid Plans

On Dec. 14, 2019, the County Board approved a $5.45 million contract with Ardent Company, LLC to construct this project. Work began in June 2020 and is expected to be complete in summer/fall 2022.