15th Street S. Complete Street Project - S. Joyce Street to S Hayes St


In Design

This project was identified Vision Zero crash analysis data and in the 2022 Resurfacing for Complete Streets program season. It was transferred to the county's Capital Program team for implementation. A concept design is anticipated for public engagement in Spring 2023.

About the Project

In December 2021, County Transportation staff identified the intersection of 15th Street S. at S. Joyce Street as a location with a history of crashes, along with the segment of 15th Street S. between S. Joyce Street and S. Hayes Street.

To address these issues, the project will bring existing infrastructure into compliance with ADA and the county's Complete Streets guidance and seek opportunities to add additional safety treatments.

The goal of this project is to increase visibility and protection for vulnerable road users and enhance access for people with disabilities in the public right-of-way.

15th joyce to hayes corridor.png

Project Basis

Planning guidance for this project is provided by the Master Transportation Plan's Streets Element, Pedestrian Element and Bicycle Element, along with the Pentagon City Sector Plan and the Vision Zero Action Plan. 


Public Process

Spring/Summer 2023 - Concept Design Engagement

In spring 2023, the project team will release a proposed concept design for the segment and gather feedback from you on the design elements to develop a final concept design for implementation.

More information will be shared here when it is available.

2022 - Existing Conditions

In addition to the recommendations received in the 2021 report, public engagement on existing conditions was conducted as part of the first round of engagement during the 2022 Resurfacing for Complete Streets program. Following this engagement opportunity, this segment of the Resurfacing program was delayed and pushed to 2023. Based on this timeline and the need for additional work in addition to resurfacing, the project was transferred to the Capital Project Management team for implementation.



This project is currently funded through the FY2022-31 Capital Improvement Program using $600,000 in local funds designated for infrastructure improvements in the Crystal City area.