Metropolitan Park Public Space Project


1400 S. Eads St. & 501 15th St. S, Arlington, VA 22202  View Map



Metropolitan Park Public Space Project


1400 S. Eads St. & 501 15th St. S.

Design Process Begins: 1st Quarter 2020

Design Process Ends: 3rd Quarter 2020

Construction Begins: 4th Quarter 2021

Construction Ends: 2nd Quarter 2023

About the Project

The Metropolitan Park Public Space project is a joint effort between JBG Smith and Arlington County as part of the Board approved Met Park Redevelopment Project. The project involves the development of the Master Plan and design guidelines for this wonderful new community space. The existing two-acre park, will be increased by .56 acres and design for the park will be informed by approved site plan conditions and community input.

The site was first presented in the Pentagon City Phased Development Site Plan and adopted by the County Board in 1976.

The developer will provide .56 acres of open space, the last segment of a two-acre central public open space called for in the 2004 Metropolitan Park Design Guidelines, and two additional public open space areas, totaling about 18,000 square feet, facing the central park.

On Dec. 14, 2019 the County Board approved a plan for the first phase of Metropolitan Park’s development, which includes public open spaces.

About the Process

The first public meeting was held on Thursday, February 20. Arlington County, JBG Smith, and James Corner Field Operations gave a presentation and followed it with an open house style feedback opportunity. See the presentation here and community comments here.

A second round of community engagement took place in early May, 2020 and was used to inform the development of the final draft design. To review the engagement materials from this session, check out the video presentation, the powerpoint , and community comments here.

The team used comments from the second round of engagement and developed a hybrid version of the draft designs-- prioritizing the more desired elements of the park. This was followed by a third online engagement opportunity informed by this video presentation and powerpoint. You can view community comments here.

The Metropolitan Park Public Space Park Master Plan and Design Guidelines, and associated site plan amendments were adopted by the County Board at its Saturday, September 12 meeting.

Check out answers to some frequently asked questions here: Met Park FAQs.

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Letters from Advisory Groups and Commissions:


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