Lubber Run Park Bridge Replacement Project



In Design

Design Process Begins: 1st Quarter 2021

Design Process Ends: 1st Quarter 2022

Construction Begins: 3rd Quarter 2022

Construction Ends: 1st Quarter 2023

About the Project

One of two bridges that were destroyed in a 2019 flashflood event is being replaced along the Lubber Run Park stream and trail corridor.  The two were formerly located northwest of the amphitheater and at the halfway mark between the restrooms and Route 50. The FY 2021 Capital Improvement Plan identifies funding to design one replacement bridge. The goal of this project will be to design this new bridge in the most suitable location for enhancing accessibility around the park.


In 2019, a flash flood event destroyed two pedestrian bridges along the Lubber Run Park stream and trail corridor. Learn more here (video)

Draft Design

Arlington County has finalized the design and location for the bridge replacement project at Lubber Run Park. As you may know, two bridges were destroyed in the 2019 flash flood. With funding to replace one bridge, we will site it at the previous location of the southernmost bridge that was lost.

Through our community engagement and engineers’ analysis, we have found that this location will provide a significant, positive impact on park users and supports the community’s interest in accessing the Lubber Run from the newly renovated Edison Park. The southwest portion of Lubber Run Park will now have a connection to the east side. Even better, this location helps to reduce impact on the natural surrounds and will not require modifications to FEMA flood mapping.

One tree, with exposed roots on the bank, will need to be removed.  It already has a very low chance of survival due to its current condition. We will plant healthy trees in the same general areas, which will better support our tree canopy in the long term.

Here’s an illustration of the location and what the new bridge and will look like.




About the Process


Public Engagement

May 4 - 18, 2021: This engagement opportunity consisted of an informational video and opportunity to provide thoughts on a potential bridge location. Community comments are helping inform next steps. 

Oct. 20 - Nov. 4, 2021: This engagement opportunity consisted of an informational video about the suggested bridge location and an opportunity to provide thoughts on if the proposed location was acceptable. Community comments(PDF, 620KB) will help inform the next stage of the process.

Nov. 17, 2021: Arlington Forest Civic Association Q&A (meeting minutes(PDF, 162KB)).


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