Gunston Tent Renovation Project


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gunston bubble

Design Process Starts: 4th Quarter 2019

Design Process Ends: 3rd Quarter 2020

Construction Starts: 3rd Quarter 2021

Construction Ends: 3rd Quarter 2023 (Completed)


About the Project

The Gunston Tent is being renovated so that it is more energy efficient and reliable! This Parks Maintenance Capital project will include the design and construction of a framed athletic facility (tent), site circulation, electric  & lighting, heating, drainage and stormwater management. No new amenities are planned for this project, which is funded by the Capital Improvement Plan.

About the Process

On Dec. 17, community members were invited to share thoughts on Gunston Park's enclosed athletic facility improvements at the Gunston Community Center. View presentation boards here. An online feedback opportunity was open through Jan. 1 and received no community comments.The project was comlpeted in the 3rd quarter of 2023. 

Gunston Bubble Renovation Public Engagement Timeline(JPG, 108KB)

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