The Hermitage


Date: 1931

Historic Designation: Local Historic District, May 20, 2017

Current Use of Property: Private Residence

The Rustic Revival architectural elements of The Hermitage render the house an important component of Arlington County’s built environment. The dwelling’s saddle-notched log construction and impressive un-cut rubble stone chimney invoke an appreciation of the building material’s natural form. The peeled dark-brown logs richly contrast with the white cement chinking, bringing the log construction to the forefront. A sense of craftsmanship is imparted by cutting a number of the logs at the corners to slightly varying lengths. The use of board and batten siding (often seen in barns and outbuildings) on the upper gable ends complements the rural architectural aesthetic.

Architectural Features:  The Hermitage is an excellent representation of the Rustic Revival style in Arlington County. The dwelling blends with the surrounding natural environment with its low silhouette, horizontal lines, and subordination to the topography. The log construction, rough-hewn forms, textures, and massing reject classical symmetry and uniformity. These building elements invoke the romanticized ideal of the American frontier. In addition, no other Rustic Revival styled log houses have been identified in Arlington County to date, thereby elevating the architectural significance of this home.

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