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About the Project

The Arlington County Trades Center is a complex of some 38 acres, owned and operated for many decades by Arlington County and Arlington Public Schools. Located in Shirlington, the Center is comprised of multiple buildings and utility structures with operational functions of government and school support.

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The allocation of space at Trades has evolved through the years on an as-needed basis. Siting of operations and offices developed when space was abundant. Now, room for growth is limited and expansion is not an option given the developed surrounding area. Service levels have increased in size and complexity along with needs for vehicle, equipment and general storage. This has forced trade-offs in efficiency to maintain a safe work environment.

About the Study

The study will review the existing facilities, site layout and current operations and provide recommendations on space and site optimization. It will be conducted in two phases as the consultant group Stantec engages employees and County residents to collect program requirements and feedback. Those results will be combined with best practices of similar municipalities and/or public entities.

Phase I:

  • Benchmarking, Facilities Review and Best Practices
  • Space Needs and Programmatic Reviews
  • Presentation of Phase I Findings

Phase II:

  • Site Optimization Planning
  • Presentation of Phase II Findings
  • Further Development of Site Optimization Plan
  • Final Presentation of Phase II Findings

Study Complete:

The Trade Center Optimization Study concluded in the Fall of 2020. Upon review of all potential restructuring concepts, it was determined that none effectively met the County’s goals of improving operational efficiency, ensuring viability of the site for future needs, improving safety, and mitigating impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

The study also found that as it stands, the Trade Center can no longer support additional operations, and the County is looking for opportunities to reduce the level of activity. View the summary presentation(PDF, 1MB).

About the Process

Project Documents