Interim Parking Lot at 3108 Columbia Pike


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About the Project

The Arlington County Board acquired the 3108 Columbia Pike property in March 2022 to serve as temporary overflow parking while the Arlington Public Schools (APS) Career Center project is ongoing. Additionally, the property at 3108 Columbia Pike has been identified as a potential site for a future Columbia Pike library and for co-location of County Board priorities, such as affordable housing.

Redevelopment of the site is expected to occur after the APS Career Center construction is complete and overflow parking is no longer required. A community engagement process for the site’s long-term vision will be determined at a later date.

About the Process

The proposal is to demolish the existing vacant, 15,200 square foot three-story office building on the site because it is not compatible for public use. After demolition, the existing parking lot will be expanded from 63 parking spaces to approximately 92 parking spaces. Demolition is estimated to begin in fall 2023 and conclude in late winter 2024.

As part of the redevelopment process, several planning actions are required: a General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Amendment, Rezoning, and Use Permit. The GLUP Amendment proposes to update the GLUP Public Facility Map to show the property as Public Use. The property is also proposed to be rezoned from R-5 and C-2 Zoning Districts to an S-3A Zoning District to allow for publicly owned parking by Use Permit. Finally, the Use Permit would allow for APS Career Center staff and contractors to use the property as overflow parking.

On May 13, 2023, the County Board adopted a request to advertise public hearings by the Planning Commission and the Board to consider an amendment to the GLUP Public Facility Map and Table at a time concurrent with anticipated rezoning and use permit requests.

Timeline / Materials

May 31, 2023: Planning Commission Hearing

May 23, 2023: Presentation to the Long Range Planning Committee

May 13, 2023: The County Board adopted a request to advertise public hearings by the Planning Commission and at a future Board meeting (View the board report)

May 10, 2023: Presentation to the Form Based Code Advisory Working Group