Pentagon City Planning Study: Process, Study Area and Timeline


The planning study will update long-term goals for Pentagon City, establish parameters for future growth, and identify criteria to help review future redevelopment applications.  The process will involve an evaluation of guiding principles, livability considerations, land use scenarios and their associated transportation impacts, and key implementation strategies.  The Planning Study will culminate in a County Board-adopted plan that establishes a high-level framework for the study area and will include broad participation from residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders.

Study Area

Aerial street view of study area








Pentagon City is a significant commuter hub, strategically located between I-395 and Richmond Highway, just south of the Pentagon and west of the Regan National airport.  Beyond its vehicular connections, it includes a centrally located Metro stop, and is served by multiple bike trails and bus routes.  The continued investment in this area’s multi-modal infrastructure allows Pentagon City to support significant density and wide range of uses.

The proposed study area(JPG, 676KB) includes most of the Pentagon City PDSP parcels as well as the River House site located west of S. Joyce Street.  Areas immediately outside the study area (which will inform the analysis) include the Metropolitan Park block, the Pentagon Centre PDSP block, properties located west of S. Lynn Street and those located south of the Virginia Highlands Park.


Overall timeline: The study will last approximately 12 months, starting with a mid-2020 kick-off to mid-2021 completion. County Board briefings or a work session may be considered prior to the conclusion of the study.

Community Engagement Process

The study will rely on broad community outreach while effectively utilizing the available virtual resources during periods of social distancing. Beyond the broader community engagements, staff anticipates creating a small, defined group of stakeholders to meet regularly to:

• Help identify and resolve any community issues or concerns
• Provide a sounding board for information, strategic issues, and presentations
• Serve as liaisons to and determining how to most effectively engage their respective groups.

While the format of this additional engagement will be further refined, it is anticipated to include representation from key commissions, participating Pentagon City property owners, and each of the three Civic Associations.