Four Mile Run: Process, Scope & Timeline



Area Plan and Parks Master Plan

The overall goal of the Four Mile Run Valley (4MRV) initiative is to develop a comprehensive future vision and policy framework and specific strategies for the area through the adoption of an Four Mile Run Area Plan, a Parks Master Plan, and a design for the John Robinson, Jr. Town Square. These plans will help guide public and private investment, including County operations for the long term, along with the preservation and enhancement of natural resource, open spaces, and future development, in a manner compatible with the surrounding area and consistent with the County’s overall policies.

A new Working Group has been established and charged with providing advice, feedback and guidance to County staff throughout an integrated planning effort for the industrial/commercial  area along Shirlington Road and Four Mile Run Drive, and for Jennie Dean Park, Shirlington Park, Shirlington Dog Park and other County properties as outlined in the Working Group Charge.

The planning process will address key planning issues including height, density, use mix, urban design, open space, transportation, and environmental sustainability. The Area Plan will include short- and long-term recommendations and strategies to address how the character of the area might change over time; recognizing the current tenure and demand for existing uses, trends and analysis of how this light industrial area supports County-wide public and private demands over the long term, and the potential for the appropriate uses that will be consistent with the Area Plan vision. 

The Parks Master Plan will provide a vision for the comprehensive replacement and realignment of existing park features and the addition of new park amenities to meet the growing demand for active recreation, cultural resources and natural resource preservation.  The Parks Master Plan will be a comprehensive Master Plan for Jennie Dean Park, Shirlington Park, the Shirlington Dog Park and other potential park spaces. The Plan will be phased and incorporated into the County’s Capital Improvement Program. The Parks Master Plan will establish a vision, policies and implementation strategies. The Master Plan will include recommendations for:

  • Use, sizes and locations of parks within the study area
  • Park area circulation, multi-modal transportation and parking needs
  • Environmental/floodplain /Resource Protection Area/energy considerations
  • Massing and phasing for indoor facilities and cultural amenities
  • Explore opportunities to re-naturalize and integrate the Four Mile Run Stream into the parks

John Robinson, Jr. Town Square

A design process is currently underway for a new Town Square that will be the central community gathering space and anchor for the Nauck Village Center (24th Road South and S. Shirlington Road). It is part of a larger effort to provide improvements as identified by neighborhoods residents/stakeholders in the Green Valley (formerly known as Nauck) area, throughout a parallel process. Although this effort is part of the larger initiative, it is not part of the charge to the Working Group.

This square was a key component of the Nauck Village Center Action Plan (NVCAP) adopted by the County Board in 2004. This Plan outlined the creation of a new “main street” for the Green Valley (formerly known as Nauck) neighborhood that includes new residential units above neighborhood oriented retail to serve a wide range of incomes and households sizes. The square will be designed and feature public art by award winning landscape architect and artist Walter Hood who has worked to create dynamic public spaces in neighborhoods across the country.

The Area Plan, Parks Master Plan and Town Square design will be coordinated to ensure that all areas are integrated into the broader planning area and surrounding community.

Read the initiative’s full Working Group Charge here.


Phase I: Visioning/Policy Framework and Development

Phase II: Plan Refinement and Adoption