Public Art Master Plan

Dark Star Park Day 2019 by Elman Studio

The Public Art Master Plan (PAMP) outlines a strategy for how public art will improve the quality of public spaces and the built environment in Arlington for civic placemaking. The PAMP is a sub-element of the Comprehensive Plan in support of the Public Spaces Master Plan.

In 2021, the Arlington County Board adopted an update to the Public Art Master Plan that provides a framework for the County’s public art goals and priorities, embraces future opportunities, and recognizes that Arlington and the practice of public art have evolved since the plan was first adopted in 2004.  



The Public Art Master Plan provides guidance for public art associated with County-funded projects, site plan/special exception projects and community-initiated projects. A forthcoming Implementation Guide will outline how the priorities in the PAMP can be translated into actions through partnerships with County agencies and other collaborators.