Apply for Residential Parking Permits & Passes


  • Verify your address is eligible for permit parking.
  • Vehicles must be registered through the Commissioner of Revenue. The Vehicle-Specific Permit is a separate decal to be affixed on the rear bumper of the driver’s side of your vehicle.
  • Taxicabs and company cars that are registered in Arlington County and are registered to a zoned address are eligible to receive a Vehicle-Specific Permit.

Application Process

Renew your Residential Permit Parking Program (RPP) permits and passes for the new program year. For the fastest service, apply online by clicking the “Apply Now” button below. 

Apply Here

If you already set up an RPP portal account, click on the "RPP Portal" button below to manage your permits. 

RPP Portal

Only MasterCard and Visa are accepted for online payments.

Request a Paper Application

You may apply for a Landlord Permit online, in person or request a paper application.

After completing your paper application:

  • Mail with payment (check or money order) to P.O. Box 1754, Merrifield, VA 22116.
  • Pay by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card in person at the Treasurer’s Office.

The application process may take up to four weeks. Residents who applied for permits and passes can obtain a temporary permit by contacting the Residential Permit Parking Program at 703-228-3344.

Maximum Permits per Household

Each household is generally eligible for up to three Vehicle-Specific Permits. Households are defined as dwellings or units recognized by the Department of Real Estate Assessments.


  • FlexPass placard – Free
  • First book of Short-Term Visitor Passes – $5; $10 for each extra book

The cost of Vehicle-Specific Permits is prorated after Dec. 31.


Why do residents have to pay for zoned parking?

The program is optional, and each block of neighbors can choose whether to have permit parking or not. If you and your neighbors decide not to have permit parking, then there’s no fee to park on the street. Each individual can also choose not to participate. If you don’t participate and own a vehicle, you can park in a driveway, on a nonzoned street or in a public garage. We use fees to partly defray about half of the cost of administering and enforcing the program.

Permit and Pass Replacement Policy

Residents can view the Vehicle-Specific Permit Replacement Policy and apply online for a replacement permit or pass.

Residents may receive replacement permits at no charge in the following two situations:

  • The permit or vehicle is stolen (a police report must be submitted).
  • The vehicle is totaled and the permit cannot be recovered (documentation/proof must be submitted).

For permits never received within 60 days of issuance (contingent upon Parking Office verification). If reported after 60 days, resident is required to pay a replacement fee.

FlexPasses are non-replaceable except in instances of theft. To receive a replacement, you’ll have to fill out a police report and present the proper information to the County. For more information, call 703-228-3344.