Langston Boulevard Zine

Langston Boulevard Zine Cover Illustration
Project Details

Artist: Liz Nugent
Materials: Saddle-stitched Risograph Zine
Date: 2021

For many decades, zines (short for magazine or fanzine) have been an accessible and powerful medium to narrate and circulate stories and information through images and text. The Langston Boulevard Zine brings the history, stories and character of Langston Boulevard to life through illustrations by artist Liz Nugent. The Zine creates a lasting digest of the rich history and character of Langston Boulevard, connecting the community with the past and the present, while generating dialogue about a future vision for the corridor.

Created as part of Plan Langston Boulevard, in collaboration with the Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development, the zine also celebrates the corridor’s new name after John M. Langston.

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Philippine Oriental Market and Rod and Reel

View a the Langston Boulevard Zine to see the rich history and character of Langston Boulevard unfold through Liz Nugent’s engaging illustrations.




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Langston Boulevard Zine - Miss Allen's Store Illustration

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Dominion Electric Co 1940

We asked you to share your stories, memories, or favorite things about Langston Boulevard with us. Here is what we heard!  



The Langston Boulevard Zine is a project of Arlington Public Art, a program of Arlington Arts, in collaboration with the Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development and in consultation with the Langston Boulevard Alliance and the Center for Local History, Arlington Public Library.

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