Dreamer: An Eyrie Perch

Dreamer by Austin Thomas
Project Details

Artist: Austin Thomas
Materials: Ipe, cedar, plywood
Location: Clarendon Central Park, 3100 Clarendon Blvd
Date: 2005

Dreamer: an Eyrie Perch was one of artist Austin Thomas’s many perches, functional architectural structures that fuse public art with civic space. Visitors were invited to explore this carpentry-inspired sculpture, which acted as a catalyst for discovery, conversation, and contemplation. Thomas’s perches are incomplete without the interaction between audience and artwork. Visitors were also invited to observe their surroundings from a lofty vantage point upon the artwork, which is suggested in the work’s title. Eyrie, a variant of aerie, is an elevated house or a nest built on a precipice.

This perch was originally commissioned for Closer to Home, the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s 2005 48th Biennial and was conceived as a resting spot for Corcoran School of Art students who gather outside between classes near the New York Avenue entrance. 

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