The Family

Photos by Elman Studio


Langston Boulevard and N. Cameron Street, Arlington, VA 22207

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Artwork Details

Artist: Winnie Owens-Hart
Materials: Powder-coated steel
Installed: 2004

Artist Winnie Owens-Hart is a native of Hall's Hill/High View Park (HHHVP), the neighborhood this park commemorates. Owens-Hart was commissioned to develop artwork reflective of the history and values of this predominantly African-American community. Interested in symbolizing HHHVP’s strong sense of community, the artist designed The Family, a monumental steel sculpture of a man, woman, and child with clasped hands. Arranged in a triangular configuration, this grouping symbolizes unity among families and residents of the neighborhood. The woman’s skirt is beautified with patterned relief, representative of traditional African scarification. Within this design is Braille text that acknowledges the vital role families play in the neighborhood. Five letters, HHHVP, stand on the west side of the park and provide prominent neighborhood identification.

The artist also worked with youth apprentices to create another work, Memory Bricks, at this same location.