Down Stream

Down Stream


4200 Campbell Ave., Arlington, VA 22206

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Artwork Details

Artist: Martha Jackson-Jarvis
Materials: Ceramic, glass, stone mosaic
Installed: 2006

Martha Jackson Jarvis began her career creating fragile ceramics that could easily shatter. When the inevitable breakage occurred, she embraced the notion of incorporating broken shards into her work, and thus her interest in mosaics was born. In 1992, this interest took her to Ravenna, Italy to study Byzantine mosaics and tesserae cutting.

Jackson Jarvis drew on skills garnered in Italy to create Down Stream, a two-part fountain that culminates in a semi-circular pool. Rich color, saturated with a veil of water, animates the fountain. Shapes reminiscent of aquatic organisms speak to the site’s proximity to Four Mile Run, Arlington’s major waterway, and to the need to protect this stream and the ecosystems it supports.

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Funded by Arlington County, FRIT, Transwestern Monument Randolph Square LLC, and Shirlington HHG Hotel Development, LP.