Aya by Foon Sham                      
Photo by Foon Sham


Bennett Park Apartments
1601 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209

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Artwork Details

Artist: Foon Sham
Materials: Cherry wood, walnut wood
Installed: 2007 

Foon Sham’s 15 foot tall sculpture twists upward to resemble a faceted tower inspired in part by his exposure to Southwestern architecture. By stacking and interlocking segments of cherry and walnut, Sham created an intricate, three-dimensional composite sculpture. While joinery began as a practical construction technique, in the late 1990s Sham began enjoying the joinery’s compositional and aesthetic possibilities. Sham created several acrylic and pastel drawings to develop his ideas for this commission. Writ No. 1 was selected and transformed into this monumental sculpture, which was installed in Bennett Park’s publicly accessible Art Atrium in 2007.

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Funded by Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT).