Study Process & Community Engagement



Study Scope

The Homeownership Study will assess needs, preferences, and affordability criteria for prospective homebuyers in Arlington, as well as examine the availability, conditions, capital needs, and cost of existing for-sale housing stock. The study will engage County leadership, stakeholders, and the community at-large in a discussion of values and goals related to affordable homeownership. Then, the study will examine the County’s existing programs and recommend not only modifications to them, but also new programs to consider. 




Phase 1

County staff will conduct data research on trends in mortgage financing and the local housing market, as well as an analysis of the County’s existing homeownership programs. These analyses will support the development of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit and contract with a consultant to support work in later phases of the study. The County will also convene the Homeownership Subcommittee of the Housing Commission to provide direction and guidance during the course of the Homeownership Study.


  • Analysis of Ownership Housing and Barriers to Homeownership in Arlington County
  • Analysis of Existing Arlington County Homeownership Programs

Phase 2

The County will engage the community at-large and, potentially, regional partners in a discussion of values, a vision, and goals related to homeownership. The public will have the opportunity to weigh in on how homeownership can help fulfill the County’s vision and how homeownership support should (or should not) be expanded. Roundtable discussions with representatives of populations that have been underrepresented in Arlington’s homeownership programs will also be conducted.


  • Statement of Arlington County’s Homeownership Program Goals

Phase 3

Further analysis of the County’s existing programs and research on new homeownership programs will occur based on the values discussions and data analysis from Phase 1. A case study review of how other municipalities approach homeownership programs will also be conducted. This research will support the design, development, and refinement of homeownership programs in Arlington.


  • Recommendations for modifying existing programs and/or creation of new programs


Community Engagement

View a larger version of the community engagement timeline as a PDF.(PDF, 123KB)


Housing Commission Homeownership Subcommittee: A subcommittee of the Arlington County Advisory Commission on Housing, formed to advise staff in the development of Arlington’s homeownership goals and vision and provide direction and guidance on program revisions and implementation. 

Roundtable Meetings: County staff hosted roundtable meetings and focus groups with constituents representing populations that have been underrepresented in Arlington’s homeownership programs until now. These roundtables posed questions to gauge the major barriers faced by specific populations to purchasing a home, major capital needs of condos, typical annual maintenance costs, reasons for foreclosure, and more. Review the Roundtable and Focus Group Summary Report, which was released in May 2023.

Online Feedback: Community members are invited to provide written feedback to inform Arlington’s goals, vision, and values as they relate to homeownership through an online feedback opportunity, see links below. This online forum will be open through July 7, 2023.

Community Meetings: The County will host an in-person community workshop on July 22 to develop a shared vision and goals for providing homeownership support. RSVP is encouraged but not required. RSVP here.

Community Engagement Partner Toolkit: Easy-to-use print and digital resources to help community partners and stakeholders share information about the Homeownership Study and encourage participation from the broader Arlington community. Click here to view the Community Engagement Partner Toolkit.