Basic Trainings and Levels – Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

MRC Basic Trainings and Levels

Training workshop

The Arlington County Medical Reserve Corps (ACMRC) develops trainings and assessment plans to enhance its volunteers’ skill sets. ACMRC offers training through:

  • Traditional live/in-person classes
  • All MRC volunteers must setup a VA TRAIN account
    • Please designate your Organization as Arlington County Public Health
    • Then designate your Department/Division as DHS/PHD
      • These acronyms stand for Department of Human Services and Public Health Division
    • Then designate your Bureau/Section as MRC
    • Under Groups please select – Arlington County Medical Reserve Corps then you will be able to register for classes (see our sidebar to the right or below on mobile devices)
    • This makes it easy for your MRC Coordinator and Emergency Preparedness & Response (EP&R) Manager to find your training
    • If you already have one, please modify your VA TRAIN account to match the above criteria; this makes it easier for us to run reports
  • Self-directed training courses online (see VA TRAIN) – use ICS/NIMS course IDs listed below for advancement up the ACMRC Levels from 4 to 1 (CEUs offered for some courses)

ACMRC Levels & How to Achieve each Level

4. Not Deployable - Approved status in VVHS (attend trainings only)

3. Partially Deployable - New Volunteer Orientation (NVO) & Background Investigation (BI)

2. Deployable - IS -100 & 700 (see ICS/NIMS box below for more information)

1. Leadership - IS-200

Medical (ESAR-VHP) Levels

See the latest version of our ACMRC Volunteer Handbook under Documents in our sidebar (to the right or below on mobile devices)

Basic Training (minimum skill set) for all MRC volunteers

Please complete your ACMRC Basic Training (see your Arlington County MRC Basic Training Plan in VA TRAIN for more NVO & ICS/NIMS options):

Arlington County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) New Volunteer Orientation (NVO)    

Incident Command System (ICS) & National Incident Management System (NIMS)

  • Both Intro to ICS & NIMS must be completed within first year

Please do not enter any of your ICS/NIMS training into VA TRAIN as a non-TRAIN course; use the course IDs below:

FEMA Course: IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS)

VA TRAIN Course IDs - Initial Training (Prior Completion IDs) 
1024627 – to register for IS-100
then follow all 5 next steps below this box
(1005098) – to register for previously completed IS-100 coursework (that is, you have already taken it and can show us your certificate)
then follow steps 3, 4, and 5 below this box

FEMA Course:< is-700 introduction="" to="" the="" national="" incident="" management="" system="">

VA TRAIN Course IDs - Initial Training (Prior Completion IDs) 
1016070 – to register for IS-700
then follow all 5 next steps below this box to complete registration
(1003959) – to register for previously completed IS-700 coursework (that is, you have already taken it and can show us your certificate)
then follow steps 3, 4, and 5 below this box

Next Steps:

  1. Click or tap on the Course ID, go to the Registration tab, launch the course, take the course, and 25 question exam
  2. Then after receiving the FEMA email with your certificate of completion link, save your certificate
  3. Then go back to VA TRAIN to My Learning > Current Courses to modify as “Complete”
  4. Now go to Classic TRAIN, to My Learning > TRAIN Transcript, find your course then click or tap on the Upload External Certificate button
  5. Afterwards, email us so that we may verify your course completion –

Other Courses/Resources to help you meet additional MRC Core Competencies:

  • Citizen/Community CPR/AED & First Aid (optional) – VA TRAIN Course ID 1063556
  • Sessions announced quarterly
  • If you need a class sooner, or are a Healthcare Provider/Professional, needing American Heart Association (AHA) or American Red Cross (ARC) full CPR, and not needing First Aid training then use these links to find courses elsewhere:

Days & Dates: January 27, 2018
Times: 9am - 1.30pm
Register in VA TRAIN: Course ID 1063556 Register

  • Psychological First Aid (PFA) (recommended for all members)

  • Required for PFA Response Team members
    • Alexandria/Arlington MRC Disaster Behavioral Health & Psychological First Aid (PFA) – VA TRAIN Course ID:  1027686
      • Live classroom version typically scheduled once or twice a year
    • Get ready for our next live class!  Complete one of the following prerequisites (recommended):
  • Personal/family preparedness (strongly recommended)

When to Notify Your MRC Coordinator

Unfortunately, we do not receive automatic notifications when you have completed any of the following outside or online training, or when you make any changes to your VVHS or VA TRAIN, so please email

  • Anytime your contact information changes and you update your VVHS profile or VA TRAIN account
  • CPR taken outside of MRC (optional training), however we do track CPR expiration dates, including Instructor certifications (does not include PALS, ACLS, etc.)
  • ICS/NIMS online training – only IS-100, IS-700, and IS-200 (optional for Leadership)
    • Other levels are not tracked by ACMRC for MRC Level advancement
  • Psychological First Aid (PFA)  and prerequisites (recommended)
  • State videoconferences using AnyMeeting (taken at home) or by Polycom at a site outside of Arlington County MRC
  • Any public health or emergency preparedness & response training taken outside of Arlington County MRC or online or in VA TRAIN


ACMRC occasionally asks volunteers to participate in drills/exercises, either within Arlington or within the National Capital Region (NCR). This is a way to test plans for emergency response scenarios.

Drill/Exercise Examples

  • Call-down drills – at least quarterly
  • Emergency medication dispensing
  • Mass vaccinations – medical countermeasures (MCM)
  • Volunteer reception center processing
Person's arm being wrapped with bandage