Until Help Arrives

Be the help until help arrives

About Until Help Arrives

Anyone who lives, works, or volunteers in Arlington can attend Until Help Arrives (UHA) training. Attendees will learn to help themselves and others in life-threatening emergencies like shootings, car crashes and workplace accidents while waiting for first responders. You'll be the help - until help arrives. 

Course graduates learn life-saving skills including:

  • Maintaining situational awareness
  • Identifying key life threats
  • Stopping bleeding
  • Moving and positioning the injured
  • Providing psychological support and comfort to the wounded
  • Relaying essential information to 9-1-1

Until Help Arrives Class Calendar

Hands-on Practice* (take the online course beforehand):

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Let us know how you've used the skills you learned! Contact oem@arlingtonva.us

How is Until Help Arrives making a difference in our community? This is how 200+ graduates are applying their course knowledge:

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