Dual Court Schedule

Schedules starting on June 3! Questions, send us an Email.

Why Schedules?

With so much love for tennis and pickleball and dual use courts across Arlington, this page shares easy to read schedules that help players understand opportunities for drop-in play for either sport, as well as times for reservations on each court.

Court Schedules


What are the colors? 

What sport? Can I reserve a court? Play format
Pickleball only No Drop-in Play - use the color coded pickleball rack attached to the fence to hold your place in line. Please refer to the Pickleball Drop-in Play rules on the sign by the court.
Tennis only Yes Players reserving a court have 60 minutes for single play and 90 minutes for doubles. If no reservations, it is first come first served for the same time limits.
Pickleball or Tennis Yes Reservations permitted for either sport and they have priority. If no reservations and people are waiting, first come, first served and 60 minute (two players) and 90 minute (4+ players) limits.
Basketball No Pick-up basketball at Lubber Run.
Pickleball or Basketball No Drop-in pickleball or basketball at Lubber Run.


How can I find the drop-in times for just pickleball or just tennis?

View the Pickleball Drop-in Schedule(PDF, 131KB) or the Tennis Drop-in Schedule(PDF, 111KB).

Anything else I should know?

Each season there are classes and leagues that will have reservations at courts around Arlington. Seasonal class and league schedules are posted here and signs will be posted at those courts with the class or league reservations.