Collaboration and Donation Evaluation Criteria

Tier 1 Criteria (Proposals must meet this requirements)

  • Proposal is valued under $50,000.
  • Proposed project or activity falls within DPR’s administrative authority and does not require further Board review or approval.
  • Proposal is consistent with the County’s mission and vision and DPR’s standards and policies and will not result in any loss of Arlington County authority.
  • Proposal must include some level of clear and measurable public benefit that adds value to the park experience and/or opportunities to recreate.
  • Proposal must not adversely impact and/or restrict public access to facilities or programs.
  • Proposal must not present a conflict of interest for the County.

Tier II Criteria (Criteria may be considered when evaluating the proposal)

  • Whether the proposal would limit DPR’s ability to enter into other collaborative agreements or to accept other donations;
  • Whether the proposal enhances or detracts from the design standards and visual integrity of the facility or park;
  • Whether the collaborative benefits would be commensurate with the value of the contribution;
  • Whether the goals of the private company or non-profit organization are consistent with the vision and mission of Arlington County;
  • Whether the proposal would negatively impact use of facility or routine facility operations;
  • Whether the proposal would give the appearance or impression that a product or business is endorsed or recommended by the County or its officers, agents, or employees;
  • The timeliness of the proposal or readiness of the prospective partner to enter an agreement or make a donation;
  • The readiness of the County to enter an agreement or accept a donation;
  • Whether the proposal would offer improvements to quality of DPR’s facilities, products and services;
  • Whether there is community support for the proposal as evaluated through a community engagement process;
  • The potential partner’s or donor’s financial and organizational ability to deliver, record of responsible environmental stewardship and past involvement in community and County projects;
  • The fiscal impact on the County, such as any additional costs to that would be required for the County to realize the full benefits of the agreement or donation.