Plans & Resources

CEMP.png Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) 2017

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) outlines strategies and protocols for managing various types of emergencies.

EOP.png Arlington County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) 2021

 The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) specifies actions to be taken during an emergency.

HAZMIT.png 2022 Northern Virginia Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Northern Virginia Hazard Mitigation Plan focuses on reducing long-term risks and vulnerabilities to natural and manmade hazards. The plan includes the Arlington County Annex(PDF, 4MB), which contains Arlington-specific hazard data and mitigation projects. 

911 AAR.png 9/11 After Action Report

The 9/11 after action report examines lessons learned from the tragic event to improve emergency preparedness.

COOP Template.png Business Continuity Plan Template

The business continuity plan template helps businesses develop strategies to continue operations during disruptions.